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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  January 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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. >> once a magnetic man cast a shadow in court. only his wife was on his side in the room as he went on trial for alledgedly stealing from the educators he was supposed to represent. he exchanged an expensive suit for a jailhouse jump suit for fraud. accused of taking 165 thousand $165,000 in kickcks from a contractor he hired to do btu jobs. the contractor, getting the immunity is the star witness, said to be lying to save his neck. and then contributions to political campaigns and reimbursing them with btu money. >> a strong sporter. >> -- supporter. >> saying he donated to the run
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with union cash. >> and prosecutors say when he left the union, forged papers to leave with a 0 thousand $120,000 in unused vacation pay. vacation pay that he had in fact, not earned. >> this corruption case with so many twists and turns is expected to take at least two weeks to complete. we're live in ft. lauderdale. gary nelson, cbs4 news. the death in an elevator shaft of a repairman. the man died on monday. working on the third floor of the apartment building at the time. >> he was found in an awkward position as though he was working on the actual elevator. so he was at the top of the elevator.
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came to the united states from cuba two years ago, leaving behind a daughter. waiting on results of the autopsy. rick scot is praising donald trump in an opinion piece in u.s.a. today. scott credited trump as someone who speaks his mind freely. more about the ability to capture the frustration of many americans after seven years of president obama's veve intentional government takeover of t american economy. we caught up with the governor. >> talking about why an outsider is doing well. th is a time where a lot of americans are very frustrated. >> not endorsing any candidate at this time. all the presidential candidates have their eye on
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jim defede is the only reporter there, candidates are gearing up for the polling in february. here's catching up with jeb bush who is making a positive prediction. >> a positive journey. no poor jeb. you can forget that. >> saying he's undaunted by the polls that show him trailing in new hampshire and the country. >> if this is the end, you're okay with it, you have put it all in. >> i have given my hea and soul. that's why i think i'm going to win. >> shaky performances in debates and on the campaign trail. >> has this process been humbling for you, given the expectations that were built in? >> i didn't like the expectations. also knew it was going to be
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always humbling to run for office if it's done the right way. >> humbling to put yourself out there as the people's representative. but humbling in a different sort of way, maybe i'm at two or 3% in the poll. and people are writing me off and the end of the political career. that doesn't bother you? >> no. i have enough quiet confidence. i'm a pretty competitive guy. i view it as an opportunity. i love interacting with people that are looking for leadership. >> bush admits that the speed of campaigning with the internet and the social media is changing it. >> the immediacy and the vulgarity of it. i don't read my twitter feed.
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trump trols that -- trolls that say stuff. >> looking to be the alternative to donald trump or ted cruz. >> how do you do well? >> i don't know. i have the resolve. this is a crazy year. it's a different kind of political year. and the way the calendar works creates the last guy standing may be the nominee. who knows. >> you're here. no matter what happens in new hampshire. going to be talking to you in florida. >> sure will. >> not drawing big crowds, but winning converts. one donald trump follower with went to hear him convinced by
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it's going to be tough winning one at a time. but that's what he plans to do. >> more on that tonight on 11. catch all the reports on our website on new details on the fired fau professor claiming that the sandy hook shooting was a hoax. what caused the miami zoo to put down a youngiraffe. >> setting to undergo a major
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. morere on the professor that was fired by climbing the sandy hook shooting was a hoax. saying he could still get his job back. the e-mails provided by tracy and his attorneys and representatives at fau. 30 days to contest the dismissal. actually fired him for not
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outside business ventures. going to have a big mall get bigger. a $2 million expansion and getting some competition. the plans and concerns. >> power tools are adding to the sounds of ringing kreblgs at the mall. owners are expanding the shopping center. >> state of the art. everything. you can imagine. >> may be the mall's biggest fan, the mayor. >> new stores coming in. an economic driver. >> $200 million driver meaning more sales tax dollars flowing in. what won't be flowing? >> traffic is ridiculous. >> a mess over there.
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congested streets will become more of a nightmare with the expansion and construction. >> in addition to that, the folks driving through, folks will see a big construction street here on biscayne boulevard. improvements and lane closures and detours for the next several months. >> mayor said she's concerned about the traffic, but it's going to include a transportationup inside one of its garages. >> bus, dade county public transit, all of it going to go in the structure. >> all part of a project to sxeet xooet with mall projects in south florida. work on half a million square feet of the retail expertise in its mixed use project. and stores and restaurants
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miami world center project. could bring shopping and amusement park sitting on more than 200 acres. mayor said the city's not worried about the competition. >> the mall. a mall. a better expert witness to every that -- experience to everyone that comes to it. a skom ber mood -- somber mood is being blamed on a young giraffe. had to be euthanized, after getting his head lodged between posts during a procedure on another giraffe. separating the exhibit from the holding area. the staff tried to dislodge the giraffe. by theime they did, it was too late. >> many times with medications and therapy. consistent and dramatic
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eventually a very difficult decision had to be made to euthanize him. >> now on the lookout for any other potential troubled spots for their animals. the giant tortoises that live in coconut grove are getting a new home. since they're relocatelocating -- living there since the 1980s. the tortoises are known to live up to 225 years. charles is 105 and she's a young whipper snapper at 65. you could be a millionaire if you win the powerball ticket microphone cash value is 306 million. the odds of winning, one in about 300 million.
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largest jackpot in u.s. history. no matter how much money you have, you can't buy south florida weather. it's improving. this is the picture of it. the sun in the twooig twilight there and -- twieth twilight out there. hoil wood, 46. not bad. fairly comfy. 67% humidity. wind gusting at 21. heavy rain in broward. looking like last night, the heaviest rain is south of florida and that was in fact the case. and in oakland, two-thirds of an inch. temperatures are already about to drop into the 60s in many areas. 50s for lows. radar is showing the heaviest rain, moving to the east. showers to the knot and the
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mainland south florida, a sptdty shower here and there. keep the umbrella with you. going to be brief if they hit you. temperatur in the 70s just about everywhere. 76 is the normal. above that tomorrow. the rainy low pressure is moving away from south florida. going to be replaced by the sunshine. the weekend is loooong good. temperatures warming up to the 70s tomorrow. a brief shower possibly to the north. more showers possible. in the weekend, republican candidate go up a little bit as well as the humidity, warm, humid, spotty showers and the next one sweeps in monday might. and showers return already by tuesday. here's the forecast for tonight. few showers inland. tomorrow, sun returns. warming up to 78 degrees.
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northeast at ten knots. residual waves. cool down next week. >> craig, thank you. the cbs4 news team is already working hard on the news tonight. >> a hollywood kind of night. the stars will be there on the red carpet. we will be there too. and will you be the winner of the powerball? that's going to be next.
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. jim berry with sports. the heat and the knicks. two breaks against indiana. saying chris bosh should have been called for a hip check. come on. cb is lean. doesn't have a hip. in over time, the refs should have called the wave on the bosh foul. maybe a buoyant there. coming back from 18 down to win. bosh said, hey, we earned this. >> i don't like when they say
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have to make the plays and had to gut it out no matter what. people get things wrong. it's the human contion. >> you tell him. >> two more panthers players going to join jagr at the all- star game. good for them. panthers win streak is hitting ten in buffalo. and now to ottawa. three goals in the third. man. everything is clicking for them right now. they are young and winning by playing some fundamentally sound hockey. >> doing little things right. getting pucks in and getting pucks out. big saves from l at times. capitalizing on the chances.
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the list for the dolphins. staying with the saints. shout out for mike piazza. makes s on his fourth try. may be the best hitting catcher of all time. joining ken griffey, almost a unimous decision. ten time gold glover in a thank you year career. american up and coming tennis pro. hitting and serving. called out, but urged hewitt to change. take a look. it was good. what a guy you are. leading in this and ends up losing the match. but jack wins a lot of brownie
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>> have you ever seen it done in tennis? never done it i can tell you that. firefighters responding to three little ducklings stuck in
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. ft. lauderdale firefighters rescued ducklings from a storm drain near first avenue. they used what looked like a pool skimmer to pick them up. reunited them with the mother. great job for those ft. lauderdale firefighters. cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. you can get more on our
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